Where Can You Buy Bryant Furnace Parts?

Where Can You Buy Bryant Furnace Parts?

Replacement parts for Bryant heaters can be purchased through an authorized dealer, the RepairClinic, Amazon.com or Reliable Parts websites. To locate a dealer, go to Bryant's website, and enter your zip code in the Find a Dealer by Zip Code field, in the upper right corner. Bryant does not offer replacement parts for direct sale to consumers.

Replacement parts for Bryant furnaces, and other HVAC equipment manufactured by the company, may be purchased only through an authorized Bryant dealer. As is usually the case with most equipment of this type, it is highly likely that most parts, such as motors, switches, control boards and heating elements, must be installed by a factory trained technician, as required by the factory warranty.

RepairClinic places guides with essential tips for troubleshooting and repairing furnaces right alongside its list of available parts, providing information for buyers to help them make informed purchasing decisions. As of 2015, the website also boasts same-day shipping for in-stock items ordered before 8 p.m. EST. Amazon.com provides multiple new and used options for Bryant furnace parts from a wide selection of models and vendors. Free shipping is available on orders fulfilled by the company that total $35 or more.

Having a factory certified technician work on your equipment ensures that any parts replaced are genuine Bryant parts and are installed correctly, to manufacturer specifications. Following warranty requirements protects the consumer from liability in case of faulty or incomplete repair work; if an authorized technician performs a repair incorrectly, such as installing wrong or faulty parts, the repair agency is responsible for correcting the mistake.

Most repairs and part replacements should be covered by your warranty. The manufacturer also provides, and recommends purchasing, additional warranty coverage that cover labor costs.