Where Can You Buy a Bosch Tassimo T65 Coffee Maker?

Where Can You Buy a Bosch Tassimo T65 Coffee Maker?

Consumers can purchase a Bosch Tassimo T65 home brewing system from the company's website, dealers located throughout the United States or from Amazon.com. The LCD premium coffee maker sells for $169.99 on the manufacturer's website as of February 2015.

Users on the Tassimo Direct website select One Time Purchase to have a new model delivered to their home. Shipping costs are extra, depending on how fast the consumer wants the product. Individuals fill out blanks for the billing address, shipping address, shipping method and payment information before reviewing the entire order.

Customers can find a store using the Store Locator portion of the website. Users input the city and state and range of their locale. Choices appear on the map and a list of stores spreads out below the marked map. National chains that carry these types of coffee makers include Walmart, Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.

A few Amazon.com stores sell the Tassimo T65, sometimes for a cheaper price than other online sources. A newer model, the T55, is sold by the Tassimo website and national retailers.

Models of the T65 sold from June 2008 to February 2012 were voluntarily recalled by Bosch in late February 2012. Some defective coffee makers sprayed hot liquid on customers. As many as 140 incidents were reported among six single-cup brewing systems, and more than 1.7 million units in the United States and Canada were recalled.