Where Can You Buy an Aurora Pizzelle Maker?


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An Aurora pizzelle maker may be purchased at any of the stores listed on the Product Locator section of the website for Aurora Importing and Distributing Ltd. Aurora is a Canadian company with offices in Toronto and Montreal. Most stores that carry the Aurora pizzelle maker are based in Canada.

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The Aurora pizzelle maker is non-stick and makes two cookies at the same time. It is not widely available online, but as of February 2015, other pizzelle makers by different brands are available online through retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon. Specialty kitchen stores such as Consiglio's Kitchenware & Gift also carry pizzelle makers.

Pizzelle cookies come from the Abruzzo region of Italy. They are formed by putting cookie dough into a metal pizzelle maker, which resembles a waffle iron, and then pressing a decorative snowflake shape into the flattened cookie. Depending on the recipe used, pizzelle cookies can be thin and crisp or soft and chewy. Often they are served with a sweet filling between two cookies or by rolling warm cookies into the shape of cannoli shells using a dowel or rolling pin.

Pizzelle cookies are a popular and traditional Italian dessert for Christmas and Easter.

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