Where Can You Buy Aqua-Chem Pool Chemicals?


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Aqua-Chem pool chemicals are available for purchase from many online retailers of pool chemicals, including Aquachem.com, Sears, Pool Chemical Center, Kmart and Amazon, as of 2015. The Aqua-Chem website is the main resource for its products.

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Each site offers specific information on buying Aqua-Chem pool chemicals, but some are more up-to-date than others. For example, the Aqua-Chem website provides information on different pool chemicals and how to find them on the product catalogue. The website has a store locator and shopping list icon to guide buyers. There are steps showing the type of products to buy for chlorination, balancing, algae removal and water testing.

Most sites provide product features and prices for different Aqua-Chem pool chemicals. Sears has different products and their prices, ratings, discounts and information about new arrivals. On the other hand, Pool Chemical Center provides information about Aqua-Chem products and how to make safe and secure purchases from the website.

Kmart lists an assortment of chemical product catalogs where customers can choose from powdered tablet and liquid chemicals. There are rating stars for different products and how customers can access stores. On the other hand, Amazon gives product types, sizes, prices and shipping information. There are feature keywords and customer review stars for the products.

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