Where Can You Buy Air Conditioner Supports?

Where Can You Buy Air Conditioner Supports?

Air conditioner supports can be purchased online through The Home Depot, Grainger, Lowe's and ACE Hardware. As of March 2015, The Home Depot website carries a variety of air conditioner supports from brands including DuctlessAire, AC-Safe and Ramsond.

Air conditioner supports that are sold through The Home Depot range in price from $30.97 for an AC-Safe universal light duty air conditioner support to $79 for a DuctlessAire stainless steel outdoor wall mounting bracket.

Grainger sells two different models of AC-Safe air conditioner supports. The least expensive is the AC-80 model that can support up to 80 pounds and costs $51.75, while the most expensive is the AC-160 model that can support up to 160 pounds and costs $68.55.

The Lowe's website carries two different kinds of air conditioner support brackets that are manufactured by Frost King. The least expensive model costs $31.98 and can anchor up to 80 pounds, while the most expensive costs $39.98 and can handle air conditioners that weigh up to 160 pounds.

ACE Hardware stocks air conditioner supports that are manufactured by Outland. The supports cost $33.99 for the 80 pound capacity model and $43.99 for the 160 pound capacity. Both Outland model supports are designed for window air conditioning units.