Where Can You Buy an 80,000 BTU Furnace?


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Furnaces with 80,000 British thermal units (BTUs) are available at major retailers, such as Home Depot and Sears. They are also available at online vendors, such as Amazon and eBay.

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When determining the appropriate number of BTUs required to heat a home, Fred Decker of The Nest recommends considering the home's geographical climate and measuring the total square footage of each room of the house. In climates that don't experience harsh weather fluctuations, Decker suggests budgeting for a furnace that produces between 25 and 30 BTUs per square foot of space within the home. For example, a 2,200 square foot home in Seattle, Wash. only requires a furnace with between 55,000 and 66,000 BTUs. In more severe climates with extreme winters, such as Fargo, N.D., the same home needs up to 45 BTUs per square foot, or a total of 99,000 BTUs. Decker also recommends consulting a professional heating, ventilation and air conditioning representative to determine the appropriate furnace power required for a home. These technicians are able to evaluate various factors, such as a home's insulation efficiency and square footage, to determine the best furnace options for the home. HVAC technicians are also trained to properly install a new furnace and replace an old one without complications.

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