Where Can You Buy a 30 Gallon Lowboy Water Heater?


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As of 2015, Home Depot, Amazon and SupplyHouse.com offer 30 gallon electric lowboy water heaters. Home Depot sells a Rheem model, Amazon has a Reliance heater and SupplyHouse.com markets one from Bradford White. All models come with six-year limited tank and part warranties.

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The websites of the retailers indicate that the three water heaters are all about 30 inches tall and 20 inches in diameter, with the Reliance model being the largest. They need 240-volt connections for installation. The Rheem Performance water heater from Home Depot has two 4500 watt elements and an automatic thermostat, so hot water is ready at any time. The appliance supplies 42 gallons of water in the first hour. Its shipping weight is 87 pounds.

Amazon's Reliance water heater weighs 108 pounds. Corrosion is deterred with a glass-lined tank with anode rod. The Bradford White M-1-30L6DS water heater from SupplyHouse.com is identified as an energy-efficient model, although it does not have an Energy Star rating. A sediment reducing device helps keep the tank clean. The model comes with 1-inch insulation on the sides and top of the tank. In the first hour, the heater provides 47 gallons of water. It weighs 86 pounds.

Lowboy water heaters are sufficient for one to two people, according to Home Depot. The design allows them to be placed in areas with limited free space.

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