How Can You Build a Simple Wooden Patio Deck?

How Can You Build a Simple Wooden Patio Deck?

To build a simple wooden patio deck, level the area, set the corner and interior concrete blocks, install the joists and lay the deck boards, states the DIY Network website. Ensure the concrete blocks and boards are level during the installation process to avoid a problem after the deck is completed.

To build a simple wooden patio, use the following steps:

  1. Level the ground
  2. Level the ground where the deck will sit, and if the patio sits against the house, remove the siding and install flashing to protect the area, notes and Dig four holes for the concrete blocks that will hold the corners. Ensure the corner blocks are level.

  3. Set the interior blocks
  4. Measure and mark straight and level lines for the interior blocks and dig a trench. Evenly space, set and level the interior blocks two feet from each other.

  5. Install the joists
  6. Install the two-inch by six-inch deck joists in the concrete blocks.

  7. Lay the deck
  8. Starting in the middle of the deck, evenly lay the deck boards over the joists and screw into place. Ensure the boards uniformly hang over the joists and feature a small gap in between each board. Hammer down the screws to ensure they are flat against the wood. Finish the deck by staining or painting the boards.