How Can You Build a Reloading Bench?


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To make a reloading bench, build the bench frame using four 2- by 6-inch wooden boards of appropriate size, screw the legs to the frame corners and affix two 2- by 4- by 20-inch boards 20 inches beneath the frame. Finally, screw plywood on the usable surfaces.

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How Can You Build a Reloading Bench?
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Use pine wood for the bench framework and plywood for constructing the usable surfaces. To make the frame of the bench, use four 2- by 6-inch boards, two of them measuring 43 inches in length and the other two 20 inches in length. Place the 20-inch boards perpendicular to the 43-inch ones, and screw the four corners using two 3-inch screws per corner.

To make the legs of the bench, use four 30- by 4- by 4-inch boards. Position them perpendicular to the frame, and screw one leg to each corner using four screws per corner. Keep the screws apart by 2 inches. Ensure that the legs are uniform in size.

Place the two 2- by 4- by 20-inch boards parallel to the 20-inch board of the frame such that they are 10 inches apart. Use 3-inch screws to affix the boards.

Next, set the bench upright, and screw in a 43-inch plywood on top of the frame using 12 screws. Finally, screw in a 33-inch plywood piece on top of the board placed below the frame, keeping its edge flush with the outside edges of the legs.

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