How Can You Build Your Own Stone Wishing Well?


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To make a wishing well, clear the ground of grass and other vegetation, and remove the top 2 to 3 inches of soil. Level the ground after removing the soil. Mix the mortar, and lay a thin, even layer of the mortar over the leveled ground. Stack alternating layers of landscaping stones and mortar until the wishing well is the desired height. After the mortar cures, line the well with a pond liner.

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Make the base layer of mortar into the desired shape for the wishing well. While the mortar is still soft, press the stones into place around the perimeter of the base. Add a layer of mortar along the top of the rocks, and press smaller rocks into place to form the next layer of stone. Use the smallest stones to make the top layer of the wishing well.

After lining the well with the pond liner, place rocks inside the wishing well to secure the bottom of the liner. Allow the top edge of the liner to over the top row of stones. Apply a layer of mortar between the stones and liner, and press the down into the mortar. Add a second layer of mortar on top of the liner, then set the final row of stones in place.

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