How can you build your own sauna?


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Building a sauna requires a good plan, a strong frame, installation of a foil vapor barrier, installation of a heater and completion of the floor. Use a sauna kit to make the process quicker and more efficient.

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  1. Create a good plan

    Location is important. It is best to build a sauna on top of a surface that does not absorb moisture.

  2. Use a strong frame

    Follow the sauna kit design, and accurately lay out the frame. This is the most important step, as the rest of the sauna relies on an accurate frame. Once all the pieces are measured and cut, use galvanised nails that are appropriate for the job. After you have inserted the insulation, hang temporary polyurethane sheeting to protect the environment. Complete the walls and roof.

  3. Install a foil vapor barrier

    Staple the foil to the wall studs once you've removed the temporary polyurethane sheeting. This barrier serves to reflect heat and acts as a vapor barrier.

  4. Install the heater

    Once the cladding is on the interior of your sauna, a heater can then be installed. The heater is usually included in the sauna kit. Follow the instructions in the kit, making sure to attach the heater guards to prevent accidents.

  5. Add the sauna floor

    Floorboards are usually not included in sauna kits, so make sure appropriate material is used. Natural materials such as duckboard are comfortable and easy to install.

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