How Can You Build Your Own Patio Cover?

How Can You Build Your Own Patio Cover?

To build your own patio cover, install the base of the posts, secure the posts to it, and make the supporting beam. Then, cut the rafters, ridgeline and rafter tails from wooden boards, and attach them appropriately. Attach flashing, place tarp paper, and install shingles on the roof. Finally, attach the roof jack and sheathing.

Begin building your own patio cover by determining the cover size and roof pitch required.

Then, use the concrete anchors to install the base of the posts, and attach 4-by-4 posts to it using nails and a nail gun. To make the supporting beam, place 2-by-12 boards in the roofline.

Now, mark the position of the rafters at 2 feet on the middle, and cut 2-by-6 boards as per the roof pitch for the rafters and rafter tails. Make a ridgeline using the 2-by-6 boards, and attach the rafters to it. Position a plywood block between the tails of the rafters, and after every two rafters, bore holes of 3 1/2-inch diameter in the block's center.

Next, staple metal screening of an appropriate size to the inner side of all the blocks. Secure roof decking of 5/8 inches dimensions, and attach flashing at the point of intersection between the patio and building rooflines.

When installing tarp paper, begin at the roof's bottom edge, and ensure that the paper overlaps those on its either sides by 6 inches. Also, install the drip edge and the roof shingles. Ensure that the shingles overlap one another as per the instructions of the manufacturer, and begin installing them at the roof's bottom edge.

When attaching the roof jack, position it 2 feet below the ridgeline on both the sides. Sheath the roof's underside, and finally cover the base of the posts using 1-by-6 boards cut to the required size.