How Can You Build Your Own Mobile Home?

can-build-own-mobile-home Credit: Paul Viant/Digital Vision/Getty Images

To build your own mobile home, you need to create or buy plans, then purchase a trailer on which to build the home, buy materials and fixtures, and construct the home. You'll need about $30,000 to buy the plans, a trailer and the building materials. You'll also need to buy or borrow tools if you don't already have them. The project will take several months to a year.

  1. Create or purchase plans

    Buy plans online for a small mobile home to be built on a flat-bed trailer. Alternatively, create your own. Make sure your plans include details of electrical wiring and plumbing. Consider whether to hire help, including a plumber and electrician, or do everything yourself.

  2. Buy a trailer on which to build

    Purchase a trailer specifically designed for a small mobile home, or purchase a general flat-bed trailer. Find your trailer online or through large hardware stores.

  3. Construct the mobile home

    To construct the mobile home, make sure the trailer is level. Build the foundation frame. Attach metal flashing, insulation and vapor barrier. Put in the sub-floor, and frame the walls according to your plans. Raise the walls, then square and brace them. Anchor the framing to the trailer. Apply screws at all joints, and apply glue to the studs. Cut the window holes. Frame the roof, and construct the trusses according to the plans and cut the boards. Secure the roof boards, and cut holes for skylights. Install the skylights. Cut holes for doors, and install the doors. Add plumbing and electrical wiring. Install sheet rock, flooring and cabinets. Finally, install the shower and other bathroom and kitchen fixtures.