How Can You Build Your Own BBQ Island?

To build a barbecue island, measure the area, build a frame out of plywood, add the countertop and cover the outside of the frame with wood, metal or stone veneer. To finish off the space, slide the BBQ into the space.

Building an outdoor kitchen area is easy to do. To build a BBQ island with countertops, run through the following steps, as recommended by the DIY Network and This Old House.

  1. Measure the space
  2. Measure the available space, measure the dimensions of the BBQ and work out the desired dimensions for the island.

  3. Build a frame
  4. Build a frame to fit the desired dimensions of the island. If necessary, use plans to construct the frame. Plans are available on the DIY Network and This Old House websites. Be sure to leave space for the BBQ.

  5. Cover the frame
  6. Cover the frame with plywood panels.

  7. Add a countertop
  8. Add the countertop to the top of the island. Be sure to choose a material that can withstand outdoor weather such as granite.

  9. Add the facing
  10. Add wood panels, metal sheeting or stone veneer to the outer edges of the frame. When adding stone veneer, be sure to add a lath and a layer of mortar before attaching the veneer.

  11. Add the BBQ
  12. Slide the BBQ into its slot.