How Can You Build a Log Home Without Spending Too Much?


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Build a log home without spending too much by using a stock rectangular design, limiting the width and choosing a simple roof system. Use drywall for the interior instead of wood paneling, and use stone, stucco or cedar shakes for exterior finish. If installing more than one bathroom, place them close together to save on plumbing costs.

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Creating a custom design for a log home adds extra cost, so select a stock plan from a builder's catalog. Because builders have used these designs many times, they have eliminated construction errors, saving money and time. A two-story design is less expensive to build than a ranch design with the same interior square footage. A simple rectangular design minimizes the number of corners, which saves on wood. Keeping the width of the home under 30 feet eliminates the need for long, expensive, extra-strong support beams.

Keeping the roof to a single ridgeline and a shallow pitch is much less expensive than having a roof with a steep pitch and extras such as turrets. Although log home interiors look elegant finished in wood, spend half the amount by finishing them in drywall. Inexpensive alternate exterior finishes can complement the appearance of the logs. To save further, do some of the site clearing yourself, and place the log home where the driveway can be short.

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