How Can I Build a Loft Bed Frame?


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A loft-bed provides adequate sleeping room without taking up too much space in a room, states How Stuff Works. To build a loft-bed frame, prepare one sheet of plywood that is 4-by-8-by-3/4 inches thick, four 4-by-4 inch 8-foot posts, four 2-by-6 inch 8-foot lumber boards, and six 2-by-2 inch 8-foot lumber boards. Required tools include: a drill, drywall screws, nuts and bolts, screwdriver and wrench, plus level and measuring tape.

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Use the four lumber boards to build a box, explains How Stuff Works. Drill holes in the wood for the nuts. Use a wrench to connect the planks with nuts and bolts. The plywood sheet rests on top of the bed frame and serves as the mattress base. Secure the base to the frame using the drywall screws.

The next step is connecting the posts of the bed frame by attaching a 4-by-4 post to every corner of the frame. Drill holes in the wood for inserting the nuts. Ensure that all posts are level before securing them with nuts and bolts. If the posts are not level, the bed can become unstable.

The last step is to attach the side rails, states How Stuff Works. Position the bed upright, and connect three 2-by-2 boards across the standing posts to secure the bed's structure. These also serve as stairs for climbing onto the bed. After drilling holes into the lumber, attach the boards with nuts and bolts.

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