How Can You Build an Invisible Bookshelf?


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To build an invisible bookshelf, make the necessary measurements in a hardcover book, then attach the L-shaped bracket to the last page of the book. Attach the other side of the bracket to the desired spot on a wall, and stack it with more books.

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  1. Measure the book

    Open the back cover of a hardcover book, and measure the last page vertically to find the center, then draw a horizontal line across the center with a pencil and ruler. Place one side of an L-shaped bracket on the last page so that the horizontal line is visible in the center of the holes. Once the other side of the bracket is lined up with the book's pages, trace its outline on the last page.

  2. Attach the bracket to the book

    Carve out the bracket outline to the thickness of the bracket, then place one side of the bracket, with the other side pointing down, in the divot. Screw the bracket into the book with flathead screws that do not perforate the other side of the book. Glue the back of the book to the last page and bracket, then apply compression. Allow the glue to dry.

  3. Screw the bracket into the wall

    After marking the location for the bracket screws, drill holes in the wall. Push wall plugs into the drilled holes, then screw the bracket into the wall. Once the bracket is securely in place, stack additional books on the bottom book.

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