How Can You Build a Food Pantry Cabinet?

How Can You Build a Food Pantry Cabinet?

To build a food pantry cabinet, draw a blueprint of the cabinet, cut the cabinet pieces, glue the pieces together, install the shelves, and add the door. You need a pencil, a saw, screws, wood glue, a cabinet pull, wood, a screwdriver, hinges and varnish.

  1. Design the cabinet

    Use a tape measure to mark the dimensions of your pantry. Determine how many shelves the cabinet can hold, and sketch a blueprint of the cabinet.

  2. Cut the wood

    Use a saw to cut enough wood to make the side, bottom and top panels of the cabinet. Cut pieces for the shelves and door.

  3. Assemble the pieces

    Attach the side panels of the cabinet together. Apply glue to the edges of the panels, and then screw the corners together. Let the glue dry, and install the back panel of the cabinet. Apply glue and screws to the back panel.

  4. Add the shelves

    Slide the shelves into the cabinet, and glue them into place.

  5. Add the door

    Screw two or three hinges to the door, spacing them 18 inches apart. Make sure the door opens smoothly. Apply varnish to the cabinet to protect the wood. Finally, add a cabinet pull to the door.