How Can I Build a Backyard Obstacle Course?


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To build a backyard obstacle course, mark the obstacle course, make a ladder run, a hula hoop alley, a balloon table, a balance beam and beanbags, and install a garbage bag to allow the players hop to the finish line. Choose a spot that is free from dangerous objects.

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  1. Mark the obstacle course

    Use traffic cones to mark the start and end points of the course, leaving 10 feet of space between the events. Take caution to avoid dangerous objects.

  2. Install the ladder run and hula hoop alley

    Lay a wooden ladder on the ground at the course start so the players step between the rungs when running. Lay a row of eight hula hoops.

  3. Make the balloon table, balance beam and beanbags

    Tie 100 inflated balloons with a string, and attach the string ends to the legs, underside and top of the table with tape to make a path below the table for the players to crawl through. Sand a 2-feet by 4-feet wood, and lay it flat over the ground so the obstacle coursers walk across it. Array six sand-filled 1-gallon tins zigzag, place them 6-feet apart, and put a foam swimming pool noodle vertically in each tin.

  4. Include a garbage bag

    Put a plastic garbage bag 20 feet from the course end so the players insert their legs in the bag and hop to the finish line. Finally, let the players play.

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