How Can a Bosch Dryer Be Fixed?


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To fix a Bosch dryer, you must first identify the actual problem. Common problems with Bosch dryers include lack of airflow, defective thermostats, tripped circuit breakers and burnt heating elements.

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If a Bosch dryer does not start, first check to make sure that the appliance is turned on and that the power cord is fully plugged into a working electrical outlet. Reset any tripped circuit breakers, and replace blown fuses. If the problem persists, check to se if the drive belt is broken, and if necessary, replace it to resolve the problem. If the drive belt is not broken, test the start switch, and drive meter for continuity, and replace any defective part.

If the dryer is getting too hot, the vent could be clogged. Clean out the lint trap and the vent tube on the outside of the house thoroughly. If this does not solve the problem, inspect the cycling thermostat and heating element, and replace any of the parts if defective. Confirm that the blower wheel is spinning properly, and that felt seal is not worn out.

If the dryer does not heat, the heating element might have burnt out, and they must be replaced. If the problem persists, use an Ohmmeter to check the flame sensor and high limit thermostat for continuity. Replace any of these parts if faulty.

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