Where Can You Find a Blanket With a Tiger Image on It?


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Online boutiques and marketplaces like Vision Bedding, CafePress and Amazon all offer buyers access to blankets with images of tigers incorporated into them by various means including screen printing and embroidery. These sites offer many specialty blankets with images for use in decorating rooms with a theme.

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Amazon has a huge variety of blankets and other draperies and comforters on offer in its online store. These products are sold by private sellers and by boutique stores operating through Amazon's online storefront, meaning there is a large body of work available to buyers which features images of tigers with varying degrees of realism.

CafePress is a specialty graphic design store known for its novelty T-shirts and other screen printed garments and accessories. It maintains a large catalog of specialty image-marked products and it has blanks, including blankets and shirts, which can be screen printed with any of a very wide range of images.

Vision Bedding is a company that specializes in providing people with rich, imaginativesets of bedding, be they sheets, blankets or comforters. They have many tiger themes and images available for purchase and can decorate an entire bedroom with their line of tiger products. They offer direct freight shipping to buyers in their online store.

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