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Black roses are available from a florist who tints deep red roses black for floral bouquets and arrangements. Hybrid "black roses" are available in nurseries and floral shops, but they are actually varieties in very deep red colors, with unopened buds that are almost black and dark petal shadings that appear nearly black in muted lighting. Although there is no known black rose in existence, rose hybridizers continue their work to create one.

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Hybrid roses with "black" in their variety names are available online and at local florists and nursery centers. Although none of these varieties is truly black, they are considered black roses because of deep burgundy to black shadings, especially in unopened buds, partially opened blooms, and the reverse sides of their petals.

Easily obtainable hybrid tea roses considered "black" include Black Baccara, a fragrant rose that features deep crimson-to-maroon petals that are a blackish-red color before fully opening. Cool weather enhances this rose's deep red hue. Black Beauty hybrid tea rose has nearly-black buds that open to rich deep red with the reverse of the petals a dark velvety blackish-red. Other hybrid tea roses include Ink Spots, with velvety, blackish-red medium-size flowers, and Taboo, a variety with darkly-veined deep red petals.

The fragrant climbing rose variety, Black Magic, is covered with deep, dark-red double blooms, and Black Ice, a cluster-flowered floribunda rose, has nearly black buds, with flowers opening in dark scarlet. The miniature rose Black Jade features bloom clusters with blackish dark-red petals that contrast with golden yellow stamens at each bloom's center.

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