How Can You Avoid Bed Bugs in Hotels?

How Can You Avoid Bed Bugs in Hotels?

Avoid bed bugs in hotels by doing research, packing carefully, keeping luggage and clothes off the floor and inspecting the room upon arrival. Wash all clothes, even the unworn garments, in hot water and dry on high heat after staying in any hotel room.

Before traveling, check for bed bug outbreaks. Read online reviews, but keep in mind that not all accounts are accurate. Many travel websites offer details about infestations. Additionally, call the hotel and ask specific questions about pests.

Put everything from the suitcase in zip-top plastic bags before traveling. Even toiletry items should be sealed. If possible, put the entire suitcase in a plastic zipper bag. These bags can be purchased, or a bag from a bedding set may provide adequate protection.

Consider leaving luggage with the bellhop until the room has been inspected. Alternately, put luggage in the bathroom on the counter while looking for bugs. Keep luggage and clothes off the hotel floor at all times. Use the luggage rack, or place bags on the desk or table. Put dirty clothes in a plastic bag and seal, returning it to the plastic-ensconced suitcase as soon as possible.

Inspect the room. Pull back sheets and look for small, brown bugs or blood spots. Look through all the linens, bed skirt, pillows and pillowcases. Check the mattress, box springs and bed frame. Expand the search to the nightstand, chairs and furniture, mirrors and picture frames. Change rooms at the first sight of bed bugs.