Where Can You Find Assembly Instructions for a Bunk Bed?

Where Can You Find Assembly Instructions for a Bunk Bed?

Bunk beds typically come with assembly instructions in the package, and some manufacturers, such as Bunk Bed King, post assembly instructions online. Pottery Barn Kids and This End Up also have online instructions for assembling some of their bunk beds. If necessary, consumers can also contact a manufacturer directly to request a replacement copy of the assembly instructions.

Bunk Bed King, Factory Bunk Beds.com and Flexa are all websites for individual furniture manufacturers. These websites carry assembly instructions specifically for that company's bunk beds.

Flexa offers instructional videos to teach customers how to assemble their bunk beds, as well as other furniture. There are two videos for bunk bed assembly on the site, as of April 2015. The videos are each about 22 minutes long and depict a person assembling the bunk bed, so a customer can easily follow along in real time.

Bunk Bed King offers a range of instructional manuals for assembling bunk beds. Each of these instructional manuals comes as a PDF. The files can be printed out for easier use. The manuals on this website also contain safety tips and specifications for proper bedding, as well as mattresses to be used with each bed frame. The manuals offered on FactoryBunkBeds.com are similar.

Manual Agent compiles images from assembly manuals for various products from a myriad of companies. These are available in PDF form or as an online slide show.

Most instructions available online are in PDF format, which requires a PDF reading program unless the browser has PDF support. Instructions often contain important safety information needed to avoid injuries, and it is important to follow the instructions carefully to make sure the bed is secure. For example, children who fall off of a top bunk can sometimes become trapped between the bed and the wall, which can lead to suffocation. Proper placement can mitigate this risk.