How Can You Assemble an Air Vent From Parts?


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Cut a hole through the wall into the room where one requires an air vent. The hole should have the exact dimensions of the vent fan kit. Do it from the attic so that one is aware of where the trusses are. The vent should cover the hole completely.

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Set the unit with the vent opening facing into the room. A supply duct should be positioned to blow into the vent. Secure the unit to the two closest joists with screws using the mounting bracket included in the kit.

Stretch and fasten the flex from the vent to either a supply mixing box or to the return vent. Place a collar on the vent. Trace a hole and saw it out. Repeat the same on both ends of the flex. Fix the collars and ensure to bend the collar tabs over. Fix the outer layer to the vent with mastic.

Take the end of the exhaust hose from the kit to the nearest exterior wall. Saw a hole into the wall with the diameter equivalent to that of the hose. Mount the hose into the hole using screws. Attach the unit to the electrical wires. From within the room, secure the provided vent cover over the vent hole, using the screws in the kit.

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