Where Can I Find Antique Washstands for Sale?


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Antique washstands can be bought at online retailers such as eBay, antique stores and their websites, auctions and auction sites, through classified ads and at garage or estate sales. Online retailers and antique websites offer the largest selections.

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Retailers such as eBay connect sellers to buyers, though the website does offer buyer protection. They also note which pieces are still available. Antique stores often showcase their inventories on their private websites, though regularity of maintenance depends on the store owner. Antiques Atlas is a website that serves as a directory and online catalogue for antique sellers online. They also have information about antique fairs.

Websites for classified ads are another resource for finding antique washstands. Of course, the classic manner of shopping for washstands is going to garage sales, estate sales and auctions. Many such sales do publish photos of the inventory they will be selling.

Washstands were developed in the 19th century from the design of basin stands. Antique washstands have a table shape, often with marble or timber tops. Marble-topped washstands dating to the 1830s typically feature a pot board below while earlier timber top models feature a timber or tiled splashback. Some, though not all, washstands include a hole cut in the middle to place a china wash basin. Some even feature small shelves for the soap dish. They are often supported on a pedestal.

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