What Can You Do With Antique Hurricane Oil Lamps?


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Some uses for an antique hurricane oil lamp include starting a collection of antique lamps, turning it into an electric or candle-powered night light, making it into an electric light fixture or creating a centerpiece out of it. It is also possible to restore the lamp and use it as a functioning oil lantern.

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Antique hurricane oil lamps make or an interesting addition to an antique lamp collection due to their unique shapes and designs, typically featuring sturdy iron constructions and embellishments. It's also possible to sell such a lamp to another collector, either in its current condition or with minor restorations.

Converting the lamp into a night light involves some amount of cleaning to remove rust and debris, regardless of the light source. For a candle night light, the owner needs to ensure it has a solid base in the center upon which to set the candle. Installing an electrical light may require cutting a hole in the back to run the power into the wall. The process for turning the lantern into a wall fixture is similar in that it requires cutting a larger hole in the base so that it may encase the bulb socket.

Turning the lantern into a centerpiece only requires cleaning it, and ensuring it does not have any oil left inside, and placing flowers, rocks or other embellishments inside it. Restoring it for use requires extra care to ensure that the handles and base do not have extensive rust or holes.

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