Where Can You Find Antique Farm Equipment?

Where Can You Find Antique Farm Equipment?

AntiqueFarmEquipment.com hosts free classified ads for antique farm equipment and has a search engine to find available equipment by machine type and ZIP code. The website's Classified Index lists equipment by type, by location and by most recent. AntiqueFarmEquipment.com is also on social media, with a Facebook page and a Twitter username.

Farmers Hot Line's website features an Antique Tractors section with a search function and list sorting capability and has a Classified section for users who want to buy antique farm equipment. The site lists equipment auctions by date, location and type.

FarmCollector.com, a website for collectors of antique farm equipment, hosts an online community where users exchange information on upcoming trade shows, auctions, and available equipment. The site also features videos of antique farm equipment in use.

EBay lists antique farm equipment for auction and immediate purchase. Buyers can sort listings by year, make, model and price. Most of the equipment is available for local pickup only, but some sellers will ship equipment purchases for a freight fee.

Local newspapers and community websites in rural areas sometimes advertise upcoming auctions or have classified ads listing antique equipment for sale. Craigslist has community classifieds that may have antique farm equipment for sale.