How Can You Find Answers to Electrical Questions?

can-answers-electrical-questions Credit: George Diebold/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Because electrical problems can be much bigger and more dangerous than you first think, the best way to find answers to electrical questions is to hire a licensed professional electrician. Another place to start asking is at your local electrical company or city hall. While they may not have a direct answer, often they maintain “good guys” lists of electricians. For answers to basic questions, try websites such as

If you’re savvy, you can find the right answers to your electrical questions online. Many websites, such as, are maintained by professional electricians, and give solid advice about basic wiring projects and repairs. There are also community forums maintained by electricians’ associations and guilds where you can ask questions for free.

However, unless you have the expertise to know the extent of an electrical problem in your home or business or that you have the correct equipment to work on a project, you’re much safer hiring an electrician to do the work or inspect yours for safety and compliance with local building codes. The question then becomes how to find an electrician you trust. offers tips and advice for hiring electricians, from getting estimates and advice about projects to repairs and upgrades.