How Can Ammonia Be Used Around the House?


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Household ammonia, generally a water-based solution containing 5 to 10 percent ammonia, can be used as a general purpose cleaner. Many household cleaning products contain ammonia, including cleaners for windows, drains, toilets, bathrooms, ovens, stainless steel and car polish.

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How Can Ammonia Be Used Around the House?
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Ammonia (NH3) exists naturally in humans and the environment and is used heavily in industry, especially farming, where 80 percent of ammonia produced is used as fertilizer.

It can be hazardous to human health in high concentrations. Ammonia vapor may irritate the skin, eyes, throat and lungs, and long-time exposure may result in kidney and liver damage. When mixed with chlorine bleach, chloramine forms, which is a highly poison gas.

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