How Can You Add Separation to an Open-Floor Studio Apartment?


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To create separate spaces in a one-room studio apartment, Apartment Therapy suggests using barriers that provide privacy but allow light to flow through at times. The dividers featured in this article include logs painted white to match the walls, woven felt for a decorative wall, Japanese-style Shoji screens and steel-framed windows. Any of these dividers should work in a small apartment or in a dorm room.

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A creative divider solution from Inhabit is composed of a wall of plastic bottles (large size); whether the bottles are clear or dark depends on how much light is preferred. Another featured creation consists of a wall built of Lego bricks. Green-thumbers could build or buy a vertical frame for holding potted plants. Bookshelves are a tried-and-true divider wall. If storage is required, the divider could also double as a walk-in closet. One apartment dweller displayed an elegant, floor-to-ceiling shower curtain.

A room divider may serve to increase privacy, according to Apartment Therapy, but it can also help to organize the space into different functional areas. For instance, a divider might be used to identify an entryway, or to enclose a dining area. For apartment-dwellers who entertain, the primary motive might be to disguise the sleeping area.

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