How Can You Add Safety Features to a Bath?


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One way to add safety features to a bath is to install grab bars. These bars are far tougher than the bars or racks that hold towels. The U.S. government requires a grab bar to support a 250-pound load in public buildings, and they are easy to find in big-box and hardware stores.

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A grab bar must have a grippable surface, and installers need to bolt grab bars into the wall. Grab bars should be a notably different color than the surrounding wall tiles to make them easily visible in low light. Grab bars should be present in the area where a person supports himself when he is exiting the bathtub. Installation can be horizontal, vertical or at an angle.

If grab bars are impractical, a tension bar is an option. It runs from ceiling to floor and helps the person rise safely from the tub.

A shower chair is also a good choice for people who have poor balance or for people who have a hard time standing up for the time it takes to shower. A good shower chair has rubber feet to prevent sliding. Rubber mats and other non-slip mats placed at the bottom of a bathtub prevent slipping. Placing non-slip strips can on sink or bathtub edges is another safety precaution.

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