How Can You Add a Heating System to Your Basement?


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Some options available for heating a basement include electric heaters, liquid-filled heaters, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and radiant space heaters. Before settling on any option, talk to an expert for advice on the best solution for the particular basement.

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Electric heaters are quite easy to install. They emit heat that can be adjusted through their control knobs. They often use an element in the form of coil or wire to produce heat. Some designs have fans that easily distribute heated air to various parts of the room. They are generally regarded as safe when installed correctly and do not produce any harmful emissions. These heaters use electricity and may therefore cause a slight increase to the electric bill.

Under-the-floor radiant heaters can be another option to consider when thinking of heating the basement. Pipes carrying warm water are installed beneath the floor. As the water passes through, heat is radiated into the room, making it warm. They are quite effective even though they are more expensive when compared to other options.

Designing a fireplace within the basement can be another good option for heating. This is ideal for houses that have chimneys. Houses that do not have basement chimneys may have to pay more for installation.

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