Where Can You Find Acrylic Bathtub Repair Kits?


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Acrylic bathtub repair kits can be purchased online through the NNRepair, Multi-Tech Products Corporation and Lowe's websites. The acrylic bathtub kits sold by NNRepair are generally designed to be used with very large surface defects that are deeper than 3 millimeters and longer than 10 millimeters.

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NNRepair sells a single acrylic tub repair kit that is designed to be used with smaller defects that are less than 3 millimeters deep and 10 millimeters long, but primarily specializes in manufacturing repair kits that are designed to repair considerable damage.

The Multi-Tech Products Corporation's website, Surface-Repair.com, carries both paste and aerosol spray acrylic bathtub repair kits. The paste repair kits are organized by color so customers can easily match the color of the paste with the bathtub in question. The website also provides repair instructions along with pictures on how to use the Surface-Repair.com acrylic tub repair kits correctly. The Surface-Repair.com aerosol acrylic tub repair kits come in four colors and have enough material to repair between 10 and 12 average sized defects. The kits include poly filler, hardener for filler, stir sticks, sandpaper and a 12-ounce can of aerosol spray.

Lowes.com sells a caulk tub and shower repair kit repairs acrylic bathtubs as well. However, the kit has not received favorable reviews on Lowes.com as of June 2015.

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