How Can You Accessorize a Fairy Garden?


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FairyGardenStore.com, FairyHomesAndGardens.com, PlowHearth.com and Etsy.com provide accessories for fairy gardens. Items offered by these websites for fairy gardens include buildings, furniture, recreational equipment, pets and more. Another option to accessorize fairy gardens is to use common objects found at home. Use buttons to make fairy stepping stones, popsicle sticks to build a footbridge or fence, and a bottle cap to use as a birdbath.

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FairyGardenStore.com provides numerous categories of fairy items, including food items, garden peace poles, village accessories and landscaping. Examples of food items are a wine and cheese picnic, an iced tea set and a cookie plate. Village items include a cobblestone road, street lamps and a phone booth.

FairyHomesAndGardens.com, a companion business to Idyllwild Gardens out of Savannah, Missouri, offers tips on its website on the Fairy Gardening 101 page, including placement, plant selection and watering. It provides fairy buildings, including living roof cottages, Scottish cottages, churches, toad houses and solar powered houses. Garden accessories include fishponds, arbors, gazebos and stairways. Fairy items are categorized by type, as well as by theme. Some themes are Enchanted Guardians, Fairytale, Christmas, Farm and Woodland Knoll.

PlowHearth.com provides a short video with tips on building a fairy garden. It offers a huge assortment of fairy buildings and accessories, including a play house, a tire swing set and an acorn tea set. Many fairy items are exclusive to PlowHearth.com.

Etsy.com is another source of numerous accessories for fairy gardens, such as a fire pit, a bicycle and miniature Christmas lights.

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