Where Can You Find Absocold Refrigerator Parts?


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To inquire about replacement parts for Absocold refrigerators, customers can call the Abscold Corporation at (800) 843-3714 weekdays. Absocold refrigerators and freezers typically have a one-year warranty. The warranty for hermetic motors is five years.

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Absocold two-door refrigerator models with freezer are designed to save space and energy. Smaller refrigerator models fit nicely in a hotel or dorm room, while larger models are appropriate for apartments. Some models include a freezer and a fresh food storage compartment. Absocold provides several defrosting options for users. Manual defrost requires turning off the refrigerator, so excess ice can be removed by hand. Automatic defrost runs on a timer system or is activated by a push button. Frost-free models require no maintenance since the refrigerator handles defrosting automatically.

Maintaining normal temperature settings in Absocold refrigerators is done by setting the thermostat to the number three position. Moving the dial in any direction increases or decreases the chill level. It may be necessary to level the bottom of the refrigerator to ensure the doors shut tightly. Keeping both the main and freezer doors shut when the refrigerator isn't being used is a good way to save energy costs. In addition, a warmer temperature setting saves more energy than a colder one. Another energy saving tip is to avoid placing hot foods in a cold refrigerator.

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