Where Can You Find 55-Gallon Barrels for Sale?

Where Can You Find 55-Gallon Barrels for Sale?

Consumers can find 55-gallon barrels for sale from emergency preparation sites, such as SOS Survival Products, through resellers such as Texas Barrel Supply or through retailers such as Grainger. Consumers can also contact local retailers or resellers for new and used barrels.

New and used 55-gallon barrels can be used for a number of purposes, including burning, holding fuel, smoking meat, feeding livestock, gardening, holding trash, collecting rain, storing food and composting, among others. When using these barrels to hold and store food, make sure to purchase a food-grade option, and do not reuse barrels that held toxic materials. Rain barrels should also be Bisphenol A free to protect the stored water.

A preparation site, such as SOS Survival Products, offers food-grade and water-storage barrels that are designed specifically for storing perishable items. These types of sites typically also offer other emergency preparation supplies.

Resellers, such as Texas Barrel Supply, typically offer used barrels that can be repurposed. Some barrels can be converted to rain barrels with the proper supplies, so it is best to purchase a compatible barrel for its intended purpose.

Other retailers, such as Grainger, typically offer new barrels for a specific purpose. Many of these barrels are ideal for storing and transferring fuel and oils safely. These sites also typically offer other accessories, like drum heaters and covers.