What Can You Do With a 4-by-8-Foot Sheet of Plexiglas?


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Common uses for sheets of Plexiglas include windows, tabletops, protective cases, signs and craft projects. Other options include fish tanks, marker boards and shields. Deciding how to use one sheet depends on the crafter's needs and how much time that person wants to spend working on the project.

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Plexiglas is a shatterproof alternative to glass, and it stays clean for longer thanks to its resistance to dirt. The easiest way to use a 4-by-8-foot sheet is to find a project that does not require any cutting. Use the acrylic sheet for a marker board, a large window or a large tabletop to avoid cutting it. Those who don't need such a large sheet can quickly cut it with the correct tools and can attach cut pieces by solvent cementing to build something out of the Plexiglas.

New acrylic sheets come with a protective plastic film. Leaving this film on until you the project is completed and installed protects the material from damage. If a 4-by-8-foot acrylic sheet is not the correct size for the project, cut it with a sharp acrylic sheet saw blade. For thick acrylics sheets, crafters should cool down the saw blade periodically with cool water to avoid overheating.

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