How Can You Find 12-Volt Appliances?


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A wide variety of 12-volt appliances are available from Camping World, BackwoodsSolar.com, RoadTrucker.com and My12VoltStore.com. Stores that specialize in auto and trucking accessories, marine gear, recreational vehicle supplies and off-grid living supplies frequently carry appliances for use with a standard 12-volt electrical system.

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RV stores such as Camping World often carry 12-volt travel appliances such as heated blankets, dashboard fans and reading lights. Larger locations carry heavy-duty appliances such as 12-volt freezers, microwaves and coffee makers. Because 12-volt electrical systems are the standard configuration for most vehicle electrical systems, there are quite a few appliances available to make life easier for recreational vehicle enthusiasts. As of 2015, Camping World has brick-and-mortar locations in 36 states.

Suppliers such as BackwoodsSolar.com specialize in supplying off-grid dwellers with the electrical items they need for a 12-volt home electrical system, including refrigerators, televisions, ceiling fans and well pumps. These 12-volt appliances offer modern conveniences to people choosing to live off the grid in homes powered by solar-charged batteries.

Specialty online merchandisers such as RoadTrucker.com offer a wide variety of 12-volt items, including coffee makers, portable showers, power tools, vacuum cleaners and DVD players. My12VoltStore.com offers more 12-volt appliances including stereos, GPS navigation systems, CB radios and battery chargers.

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