What Are Some Calypso Washer Error Codes?

Error codes for a Whirlpool Calypso washing machine include PF (power failure), FL (overfill), Er (processor reset), LF (long fill), CE (communications error) and Ld (long drain). They also include CA or CI (current limit trip), ob (off balance), Sr (stuck relay), LS (lid switch) and SL (suds lock).

Any of the machine's codes can be cleared from the display by pressing the "STOP/CANCEL" button. A PF error code indicates the washer lost power while in-cycle. Pressing "START" resumes the cycle from where it was cut off. An FL error code means that there is too much water in the tub. The unit periodically beeps, and the pump switches on and off to drain the tub until the water is at an acceptable level again.

The Er error code means the control was not able to save cycle information due to a power failure. An LF error results in the water valves automatically turning off and occurs when the unit takes longer than 10 minutes to fill. A blocked water-inlet line can be the cause. CE means there has been a communications error between the machine controller and the motor controller. This can be due to faulty wiring or pin connections between the controllers.

The Ld error occurs when the unit takes longer than five minutes to drain. It can signify a blockage, pump problem or faulty operating pressure switch. The CA and CI errors mean that higher than normal current draw has been detected on the motor windings. Overloading the unit can cause this error.

The ob (off-balance) error causes the machine to shut off and requires the user to open the lid and adjust the load more evenly to restart the machine. Sr signifies that the machine controller cannot turn off power to the motor controller due to a bad relay on the machine control board. The LS code displays if there is a malfunction with the lid switch or if the user presses "START" while the lid is open. An SL (suds lock) error means that excessive suds have been detected and cannot be automatically removed. It may be caused by a bad pump, a very heavy load or too much detergent.