How Do You Find Calphalon Cookware Reviews?

As of 2015, Amazon and Good Housekeeping have reviews of Calphalon cookware on their websites. Amazon's website contains written reviews and star ratings submitted by customers. picks Calphalon as their top pick for the best nonstick cookware. It is praised for heating quickly, and being very easy to clean.

Calphalon manufactures both nonstick and stainless steel cookware. There are more reviews on for the nonstick cookware than the stainless steel pans. Reviews for both are generally positive. Reviewers like that food does not stick and burn on the non-stick cookware, but there are complaints that the coating flakes off too quickly and the pan interior scratches easily.

On, reviewers state that the stainless steel cookware heats up quickly and evenly. Reviewers also praise the cookware's durability. However, some reviewers complained that the pans stain easily and food sticks to them.

Performing a general search of Calphalon cookware within the "Home & Kitchen" category on Amazon typically yields everything by Calphalon that Amazon carries along with each product's corresponding set of customer reviews. On the Good Housekeeping website, click on product reviews. A link for cookware leads to results that include reviews of random Calphalon products — usually the latest Calphalon products to hit the market. Users can also type "Calphalon cookware reviews" into the search field on the homepage of the Good Housekeeping website. This search yields recent and past reviews.