How Do You Calibrate a Crimping Tool?


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To calibrate a crimping tool, first close the handles and keep them in that position. Determine the gauge pin that is appropriate for the crimping tool; appropriate pins should smoothly slide into the indenter opening and remain there without slipping. Open the handles, and adjust the tool to the manufacturer's recommendations. If the crimping tool has more than one opening, they must be individually calibrated using the correct gauge pin.

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While the gauge pin method is the usual calibration method for crimping tools, it sometimes takes a more advanced approach to achieve the correct calibration. For these, the tool is sent to a calibration laboratory, where the tool is used to crimp joints. The joints are then examined in order to determine the level of calibration needed. Joints can be measured with calipers, manually or mechanically bent, pulled apart or be tested with an electrical current.

Crimping tool manufacturers often recommend calibration after a certain number of uses. All methods of calibration are performed in a calibration laboratory that follows procedures approved by the manufacturer. Upon successful calibration, the crimping tool is returned with a certificate of calibration and a detailed report of what methods were used to calibrate the tool, as well as the level of calibration necessary and the environmental conditions in which the procedure was performed.

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