How Do You Calculate the Value of Rogers Brothers Sterling Silver?

To calculate out the value of Rogers Brothers sterling silver, check the size of the items, their age and condition, and also refer to a simple maker's mark chart before contacting sellers to identify the silverware as Rogers Brothers. Different types of silver items may vary in their pricing, and it is not uncommon for rarer and older items to sell for a greater amount.

Clean your silverware carefully. You should only complete the cleaning process thoroughly enough to see the maker's mark and any backstamps that the item may have. Consult with a professional before you clean the item further, as they can instruct you on how to preserve the value of the silverware. Rogers Brothers silverware is identifiable by the unique maker's mark, and this type of silverware ranges, as of 2016, in value from $10 to upward of $1,000, depending on the item itself and its condition.

Check the silver content of the item and refer to a chart to determine a ballpark value for the silver based on its age and creation. When you are ready to proceed, contact a professional appraisal service to begin planning out your sale and determine more specific estimates for your items.