How Do You Calculate the Square Yards for Carpet?

calculate-square-yards-carpet Credit: Mikhail Glushkov/E+/Getty Images

To calculate square yards for carpet installation, measure the length and width of the area in yards. Multiply length by width to determine square yards. Then add 10 percent to allow for fitting and installation.

  1. Get a ruler

    Obtain a reliable ruler for measuring yards, such as a standard tape measure or yardstick.

  2. Measure the area

    Measure the length of the area in yards, then measure the width of the area in yards.

  3. Calculate square yards

    Multiply the length by the width to calculate square yards, then add 10 percent to the total square yards for fitting. For example, if the length of a room is 4 yards, and the width of a room is 5 yards, multiply 4 yards by 5 yards to equal 20 square yards. Add 10 percent for a total of 22 square yards of carpeting needed for installation.