How Do You Calculate How Much Sand You Need for Your Child's Sandbox?


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An Internet-based sandbox calculator is the fastest and easiest way to calculate how much sand is needed for a child's sandbox. These calculations require some simple measurements from the sandbox, including the length, width and depth of the box. Most online sandbox calculators will also take diameter and height measurements if a round sandbox is in use instead of a rectangular or square one. Companies that sell sand on the Internet usually have calculators that are free to use.

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How Do You Calculate How Much Sand You Need for Your Child's Sandbox?
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The measurements of a sandbox that are used in a sandbox calculator do not have to be perfect. The more accurate these measurements are, though, the more accurate measurement a user receives for the amount of sand that is needed for his sandbox.

Sandbox calculations generally result in a pound or kilogram measurement for how much sand is required to completely fill a sandbox of given measurements. If a user doesn't want a sandbox completely filled with sand, he should provide measurements that are slightly smaller than those of the sandbox when using a sandbox calculator. If this method is utilized, a user should accurately measure the height and width of the sandbox, and measure the height up to the point where he desires the sand to reach.

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