How Do You Calculate the Cost of UPVC Windows?

To calculate the cost of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride windows, consider the size, shape and profile of the window you wish to purchase. Other factors that determine the price include the type of glazing and ventilation the windows have. Companies that sell uPVC windows have online calculators that help you to calculate how much your uPVC windows cost.

Larger uPVC windows are more expensive than smaller windows. Nonstandard window shapes such as oval and arched windows are also more expensive than standard shapes. Other factors that may affect the price of the uPVC window include color, air vents, window seals and grids.

The standard color of uPVC windows is white; you're likely to pay more if you choose nonstandard colors or color-laminated profiles. Accessories such as locking handles and gradual tilt facilities also increase the price of uPVC windows.

The price of the uPVC window increases if you ask for vertical or horizontal air vents. Exterior and interior air sills also raise the price, as the standard price does not include these features. If you want decorative window grids, expect to pay extra. Any additional accessories such as window sealing tape or warm edge space bars also increase the price of uPVC windows.