How Do You Calculate the Cost of Installing New Gutters and Downspouts?


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Use an online construction cost estimator, such as the calculators that Homewyse and HomeAdvisor provide, to roughly estimate the cost of gutters and downspouts. To obtain the most accurate information from Homewyse, measure your home to determine how many linear feet of gutters it requires. Homewyse and HomeAdvisor also let you customize your estimate depending on your ZIP code.

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For a more accurate quote, do your own calculations based on the materials you plan to use for your gutters and downspouts. Vinyl gutters cost $4 to $8 per length, while aluminum gutters cost $6 to $12 per piece, as of December 2015. Steel gutters start at $11 per length, but can easily exceed $33 per piece, while copper gutters can range from $40 to $100 or more per piece. Downspout extensions cost $6 to $15 for vinyl and aluminum options, while steel extensions cost at least $12 to $30. Expect to pay at least $90 per extension for copper.

Don't forget to include other material costs necessary to complete the project. Drains and splash blocks protect your home's foundation from water damage and cost $5 to $10 a piece. Gutter hangers provide necessary stability for the gutters and cost $2 or more per piece. You may need to replace your flashing, which also increases material costs. Guards and screens may reduce future maintenance worries, but they also increase the initial cost of installing new gutters and downspouts.

In addition to material costs, the average national cost to have gutters and downspouts installed is approximately $5 per foot. Add the cost of labor to your estimation if you don't plan to install the gutters and downspouts yourself.

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