How Do You Calculate the Cost of a Home Addition?


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To calculate the cost of a home addition, there are many factors to consider, including the square footage of the additional room, home location, architectural services, construction materials and fixtures, project labor project supplies and cleanup services. Typically, a family room addition can cost approximately $80 to $130 per square foot, as of October 2015 and as noted by Home Addition Plus.

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A factor to consider is that the home addition cost can vary according to regions of the United States. For a 12 by 6 foot addition, the typical cost can be about $23,800, as noted by the Fixr website. This website provides a search by ZIP code for estimating the average cost for a home addition. Similarly, the cost of this addition can be 50 percent higher per square footage when compared to building a hew home, as noted by Home Addition Plus. However, homeowners need to be aware of other factors when making cost calculations for adding a new room.

  1. Determine the square footage for the addition and services needed
  2. Figure out how much space is needed for the new room because the greater the square footage required the higher the cost. Choose an architectural service so that the new structure is well-designed and meets building codes. Know that the cost of hiring this service can cost up to 17 percent of the room's construction budget.

  3. Calculate the overall cost of constructing the new space
  4. Evaluate the cost of hiring a contractor, carpenter, electrician or other labor charges by hour. Determine the cost of construction materials and additional fixtures, such as lumber for walls, roofing shingles, ceiling, siding, plumbing and electrical wiring. Be aware that there can be other costs associated with the new addition, such as an increase in property taxes and home insurance.

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