What Are Some Cacti That Flower?

What Are Some Cacti That Flower?

Some cacti that produce flowers include the echinopsis, epiphyllums and ariocarpus. Others include the ariocarpus and cleistocactus. Each plant flowers at different times of the year and produces flowers of various size.

One of the cactus species that produces the most flowers is the echinopsis. These cacti produce large, vibrant flowers. However, they only bloom from one to two days out of the year. The flowers from this type of cactus vary in color from pink to purple.

Epiphyllums have either yellow or white flowers and hybrids produce flowers ranging from white to red. Most of these cacti are roughly the same size and shape and bloom around Mother's Day.

Ariocarpus don't look like cacti, but produce large, colorful flowers. They are popular among gardeners because of their easy cultivation.

Cleistocactus usually are not grown for their flowers as the plants flower irregularly. However, some plants in this family produce large, beautiful flowers.

Another cactus family that usually produces flowers is the copiapoas. Commonly grown, this cactus grows very slowly and produce small, unremarkable flowers.

The disocactus, commonly called the rat-tail cactus produces bright pink flowers several months out of the year, with proper care. The echinocactus family is a large cactus species that produces bright flowers. However, with this species, the smaller the cactus, the better the flowers.