Where Do You Buy Welding Supplies?

Lowe's and Sears Brands, LLC sell welding supplies online and at store locations. Welders Supply and Harbor Freight Tools also sell welding supplies at their company websites and at retail locations.

Lowe's sells stick welders and Metal Inert Gas welders from Lincoln Electric, Blue Hawk and Campbell Hausfeld. The company also offers stick welder generators, handheld torches, welding helmets, gloves and a leather welding jacket. Lowe's sells soldering equipment, electrode welding sticks, flux welding wire and propane cylinders for torches as well.

Sears offers arc welders, MIG welders, Tungsten Inert Gas welders, stick welders and plasma cutters. The company also offers welder-generator combinations, welding tools, helmets, torches and safety gear. Sears offers brand-name equipment from Firepower, Campbell Hausfeld, Lincoln Electric, Everlast Welding and Lotos Technology, as well as Thermal Dynamics, Radnor, Hobart and EASTWOOD.

Welders Supply sells plasma cutters, MIG welders, TIG welders and stick welders from Miller, Hypertherm and other top brands. The company offers auto-darkening welding helmets from Miller, Speedglas, Jackson and Arcone. Welders Supply also sells work stations, safety apparel, welding tools and filler metals. The company sells used welding machines, equipment, rigs and tables, and it offers equipment services in southeastern Wisconsin.

Harbor Freight sells spot welders, plastic welders, oxygen acetylene welders, plasma cutters and arc welders, as well as TIG and MIG welders, helmets, welding wire and welding accessories.